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Massive Gallery Update

Massive Gallery Update

Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of updates these past few months.. We’ve been quite busy with real life and other things but we’re officially back here! Our gallery had been updated with most of Emma missing files from the past year, including public events, candids, photoshoots, magazines scans, and movie stuff. A few files are still missing, like the screen captures from Emma’s most recent movie, but everything will be updated in our gallery as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy the massive update and be sure to come back soon for new content!

Grocery Shopping in Beverly Hills

Daily business must be done. Emma was seen at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills on Monday, March 1, doing some grocery shopping. You can still see a little part of the baby bump in these pictures, yet Emma looks fabulous!

002~451.jpg 003~431.jpg 005~380.jpg 011~240.jpg 017~158.jpg

Back to work in Los Angeles

After giving birth to her baby boy about two months ago Emma is back to work. She was seen out heading to a photoshoot on Friday, February 26, which we hope to share with you pretty soon. It’s a pleasure to see Emma back to work, while still staying near her house to be with her baby.

001~455.jpg 002~450.jpg 004~411.jpg 010~257.jpg 014~194.jpg

Seen outside her house in Los Angeles

Over the last few days Emma was seen outside her house. On February 23 she was seen leaving it to get picked up by a driver while on February 24 she was seen gretting a friend, who appearantly brought her some food. Both days she looked fantastic and adorable, especially when greeting her friend in her pj’s.

001~453.jpg 002~448.jpg 003~428.jpg 004~409.jpg

002~449.jpg 003~429.jpg 005~378.jpg 007~317.jpg 010~256.jpg

Visiting a friend in Los Angeles

After giving birth to her baby boy in late 2020 Emma looks amazing in some recent candids from February 20, where she was seen out in Los Angeles to visit a friend. She’s hiding her still present baby bump behind a bag, yet you can see Emma looks stunning and beautiful as always.

001~452.jpg 003~427.jpg 006~339.jpg 012~218.jpg 019~135.jpg

Latest candids and cosmopolitan shoot

Hey everyone. I added every missing Emma candids since october 2020. She was mostly seen doing grocery shopping or visiting her friends in Los Feliz and Los Angeles.

I also added the photos from Emma’s shoot by Sasha Samsonova for Cosmopolitan, as well as the scans from the magazine issue.